Our blog's intention is to request the US government to grant us a chance to defend our mother country Japan at the American court of law regarding the resolution "Comfort Women" passed July 30, 07.

Hey Mike, you are not welcome!

honda okcha

Congressman Mike Honda of California-Democrat and Soh Okcha the chairperson of WCCW together engineered the Comfort Women Resolution in July 2007. They lied at the Congressional hearing and got away with it because they did not need to swear under oath.

To US Representative Mike Honda of California


You are free to come to Japan, but you are not welcome by our people to step on our soil, the reasons are simple and clear.

July 2007, you insulted Japan by passing the Comfort Women Resolution. The resolution led by you contains false statements and fabrications.

You used the American Congress to obtain Chinese money and votes. You should know that WCCW and Soh Okcha is a North Korean operative. Mr.Honda, you are a traitor to America. You are America's shame.

We ask you to meet us at the US Court of Law. You must accept our challenge.You must stand in front of a judge to defend your charges.

The former Under Secretary of State, Robert Joseph, in the same month of July justified the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombings were intended to end the war and it saved millions of lives, he claimed. His immoral remarks angered Japanese public even more.

What these American officials are saying is that America can drop bombs on a civilian population, but Japan must apologize and award retribution to prostitutes who sold themselves to Japanese soldiers for money.

The accusations have damaged the excellent relations between America and Japan as an ally and friend. Since the war ended sixty three years ago, this alliance has been the most important for the stability of Asia. Mr. Honda, how can you repair it?

We demand the reversal of the resolution and an apology from the two of you.

Iseheijiro : Spokesman for Nippon Falcons League



Author: Nobuyoshi Ozaki

A long forty six years have passed since I stepped on to American soil. I have had various odd jobs in the past until I recently retired. Examples include working with Steven Spielberg as assistant director in a film called "1941." I was supervisor and later became Public Relation representative for Toyota Group - USA. My last occupation was a Senior Research analyst working in Silicone Valley for a major news paper from Tokyo, Japan. My spouse, Christine is a flight attendant, traveling often to the Middle East and Africa. We have spent three quarters of our life together as world adventurers. This photo was taken in Argentina. We now live in swampy Louisiana.