Our blog's intention is to request the US government to grant us a chance to defend our mother country Japan at the American court of law regarding the resolution "Comfort Women" passed July 30, 07.

Anti-Japanese Washington Post


Again and again, you take reports from Akiko Yamamoto who seems to be allied with
Asahi Shimbun, the far left news paper. By the way, Yamamoto is not necessary a Japanese citizen. Do you know Koreans run Sushi restaurants in the US and name them Shogun? Do you know Asahi is well known as an agent of Beijing? Japanese Internal Revenue Service has accused Asahi for an 8 year long tax evasion. They stole 518 million Yen from our country; the total charge with fine is 657 million Yen. Top of Asahi was fired already, why Akiko has not reported this crime? If you take a poll on Asahi you will find out how much the Japanese public distrusts them. Why? Asahi does not report what Ozawa the opposition party leader has done for his country. Because it is obvious he has done nothing but oppose whatever Mr. Aso tried to do for our country. Have you done a research on Mr. Aso’s achievements in the past 5 months? An article like this is trash and you know it. Where Prime Minister Aso eats and drinks is irrelevant to his job performance. I have posted my protest on my blog so the Japanese public to be aware that Washington Post is anti-Japanese paper. I also have reported to Obama administration so they to know you are anti-American.

iseheijiro wrote:
motokohr is a perfect victim of Japanese media or he himself is anti-Japanese. He wrote:The polls taken not only by Asahi but all the other major papers, like Mainichi, Yomiuri, Nikkei, Sankei, etc,,,Well, what you know or you don't know is that all of them have been loosing giant advertisers like Toyota, Panasonic, Shiseido, CocaCola because for their unfair,fabricated,cooked up articles against Mr.Aso. Their patrons are Soukagakkai,the religious group(you can call it a cult), Pachinko game machine manufacturers(North and South Koreans who live in our country and Yakuzas made of Koreans),lavor unions,Zainichi(non-citizen Koreans) and so on. In short, these News Papers are infested by anti-Japanese group just like yourself.



Biggest Snake Discovered; Was Longer Than a BusJohn Roach
for National Geographic News

February 4, 2009

The world's biggest snake was a massive anaconda-like beast that slithered through steamy tropical rain forests about 60 million years ago, says a new study that describes the ancient giant.

PHOTO: Python Bursts After Eating Gator (September 5, 2006)
Fossils found in northeastern Colombia's Cerrejon coal mine indicate the reptile, dubbed Titanoboa cerrejonesis, was at least 42 feet (13 meters) long and weighed 2,500 pounds (1,135 kilograms).

"That's longer than a city bus and … heavier than a car," said lead study author Jason Head, a fossil-snake expert at the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada and a research associate with the Smithsonian Institution.

Previously the biggest snake known was Gigantophis garstini, which was 36 to 38 feet (11 to 11.6 meters) long. That snake lived in North Africa about 40 million years ago.

Hans-Dieter Sues, associate director for research and collections at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, was not involved with the study but has seen the snake fossils.

Sues noted that humans would stand no chance against one of these giants, which killed their prey by slow suffocation.

"Given the sheer size—the sheer cross-section of that snake—it would be probably like one of those devices they use to crush old cars in a junkyard," Sues said.

In addition, the snake's heft indicates that it lived when the tropics were much warmer than they are today, a find that holds potential implications for theories of once and future climate change.

Biggest Snake Needed the Heat

Scientists know there's a link between a snake's body size, how fast it uses and produces energy, and climate.




Author: Nobuyoshi Ozaki

A long forty six years have passed since I stepped on to American soil. I have had various odd jobs in the past until I recently retired. Examples include working with Steven Spielberg as assistant director in a film called "1941." I was supervisor and later became Public Relation representative for Toyota Group - USA. My last occupation was a Senior Research analyst working in Silicone Valley for a major news paper from Tokyo, Japan. My spouse, Christine is a flight attendant, traveling often to the Middle East and Africa. We have spent three quarters of our life together as world adventurers. This photo was taken in Argentina. We now live in swampy Louisiana.