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Battle of Senkaku Islands (Part 1)

Battle of Okinawa

Battle of Okinawa 4.1 to 6.21

1944.4.1~1944.6.21 one of the biggest US beach landing operation. Senkaku is much smaller and more like theater than actual warfare.

Battle of Senkaku Islands

In the past year the tension surrounding the disputed islands between Japan and the People's Republic of China has heated up. To clear up any confusion there will be a battle, large or small, on one or more of the inhabited islands off Okinawa. Senkakus, is the name the US officially calls these five islands. Three are relatively large where goats now peacefully wonder the hills. In my view these three islands will be targeted. I will write three or more articles for the American people. I want them to understand what could actually take place and why a battle would occur between these two large economies. Since WWII, 67 years ago, no battle or war has taken place in this area. This could be the first and it would be a modern military conflict, with modern technology on both sides.

senkaku hot

Please note the maps the above. You will see Japan’s sovereign territories and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in white; within EEZ resources such as fish, natural gas, and minerals belong to Japan. Japan has sole ownership and can research in the waters of the EEZ. However, international maritime law allows foreign vessels even warships to enter and sail through the EEZ without obtaining permission from Japan. However, there are severe conditions that should not be violated. Foreign naval ships with guns and missiles shall not provoke nor show a military threat to the owner of EEZ, in this case it is Japan. The Chinese, Blue Water Navy, has broken this international law more than 1400 times by air and sea. Each incident has been reported and documented.

senkaku map 1

A geography of the area (refer to the map) is as follows... to the northwest is China... south is Taiwan. To Taiwan’s east are the Yaejima Islands. The dot is Yonaguni Island. The next two dots are Ishigaki Islands, the next is Miyako Island. These are all Japanese islands. To the northeast is the Okinawa main Island and remote Islands leads to the main land of Japan. The center is Senkakus- Uotsuri Jima in red.

Why does the PRC want Senkaku islands so badly?

The answer is Senkaku Islands, China calls them Dioyu Islands, they are at a strategic point, same as Gibraltar, which is at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea. Whoever controls Senkaku Islands controls the East China Sea. At this time, Japan and her ally United States control the East China Sea.

For PRC, to control Taiwan is their ultimate goal. PRC tried to take over Taiwan militarily during the Eisenhower administration and failed. PRC has faced several severe battles with the Taiwan military, backed by United States. China backed down. The PRC tried to undermine Li-Tou-Ki, Taiwan’s Independence advocate, to become president during the Clinton administration. Clinton ordered two aircraft carriers to the area sending a strong message to support Taiwan’s right of free election. Li became the president of Taiwian.

The PRC wants Senkaku islands so they can control the East China Sea. They will build missile bases on the Senkaku Islands to keep the US off Taiwan and eventually take control of Taiwan. The PRC will build naval ports around Taiwan to split the Pacific with United States. Will PRC succeed? It all depends on how solid the Japan/US alliance holds. The Taiwanese are carefully watching the recent confrontations between Japan and China.

~to be continued~



Author: Nobuyoshi Ozaki

A long forty six years have passed since I stepped on to American soil. I have had various odd jobs in the past until I recently retired. Examples include working with Steven Spielberg as assistant director in a film called "1941." I was supervisor and later became Public Relation representative for Toyota Group - USA. My last occupation was a Senior Research analyst working in Silicone Valley for a major news paper from Tokyo, Japan. My spouse, Christine is a flight attendant, traveling often to the Middle East and Africa. We have spent three quarters of our life together as world adventurers. This photo was taken in Argentina. We now live in swampy Louisiana.